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English Paper Piecing Basics

If you haven't done any English Paper Piecing or are a little rusty, join us for a getting started class! Why are we offering this? First, we LOVE a great EPP pattern. AND we are having our first EPP Block of the Month program kicking off in March. So we want to make sure anyone interested in the program has enough time to brush up on their EPP skills before the BOM kicks off.....

Tucker University - Tucker Trimmer I

This program is intended to offer you an exciting opportunity to build your skills and accuracy. In each Tucker University class, a new Studio 180 Design tool is taught. We only make 4? units so each month you can take previous units in combination with that days and come up with new blocks. The options are endless! Tucker University classes at Inspire will build one upon the next. You don?t have to attend all of them but you just might miss something! If you are going to take multiple classes, consider our Tucker University Class Punch Card which allows you to purchase 4 classes and get the 5th free. Each class includes 1. Creating a series of 4" units based on the tool 2. You will receive a laminated Design sheet to use for class and to take home. This has cutting charts for more sizes, color planning aids and 20-30 more different block that can be made with the class tool. 3. You will also receive black line master sheets that you can photocopy and color as you plan your next project. Students will receive 15% off the purchase of the tool and other featured products at class time. Sound like fun? Get yourself a loose-leaf binder to keep all of this valuable information together and get ready to take an AWESOME series of classes at Inspire! Supply lists are available on line and we can help you put little little fabric bundles available for purchase if you want to have a coordinated project at the end of the school year.

T-Shirt and Tool Thursday - Intro to TShirt Quilts

The fourth Thursday will vary between classes on Tshirt Quilts and Tool Demonstrations Intro to TShirt Quilts is a lecture only class and will discuss the planning and materials required to get started on your TShirt quilt journey. $10 of your $15 class fee will be credited against the "Starting Your TShirt Quilt" class if you take it in the 2019 calendar year.

Jan 26
Mystery Quilt
Jan 27
Mystery Quilt
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English Paper Piecing Basics