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Tucker University - V-Block, Sidekicks and HIgh/Lows

Tucker University classes at Inspire will build one upon the next. You don’t have to attend all of them but you just might miss something!   Each class includes
1. Creating a series of 4" units based on the tool
2. You will receive a laminated Design sheet to use for class and to take home. This has cutting charts for more sizes, color planning aids and 20-30 more different block that can be made with the class tool.
3. You will also receive black line master sheets that you can photocopy and color as you plan your next project.
Students will receive 15% off the purchase of the tool and other featured products at class time.

Sound like fun? Get yourself a loose-leaf binder to keep all of this valuable information together and get ready to take an AWESOME series of classes at Inspire! Supply lists are available on line and we can help you put little little fabric bundles available for purchase if you want to have a coordinated project at the end of the school year.

Studio 180 Tools offer:

    Each tool offers multiple sizes (one tool, many possibilities)
    Blocks finish slightly oversized so you can easily trim each one to the perfect project size.
    There are both left and right hand instructions.
    There are laminated technique sheets for each tool that give you additional technique options.
    There are videos on line for additional help for every tool and technique.

Tucker University - V-Block, Sidekicks and HIgh/Lows

$ 30.00
Includes instruction, TU design sheet and black line masters. Tools/Rulers and Technique sheets are additional fees.